Sunday, April 10, 2016

Edwardian Styled Wedding Gown

From the seller:

Outside of the realm of what we usually sell but this seemed special as the wedding gown came with a well written history. Some of the highlights of what was written follow.
It was worn by it's owner on Thanksgiving November 29th 1893.
Miss Kohler Clark was married at 113 Decantur St in Brooklyn NY.
The dressmaker charged $35.00 to make the gown.....which in todays dollars would be like spending over $900.00.
A beautiful gown measuring approx 56" long.
I'm not well versed enough to describe everything that is here except to say that the underwear have holes (thought of not including them but they were neatly folding with everything else so we will keep it all together for you.
Left over material is also included.

From Me:
I know, I know - the note is pretty detailed and it clearly says "1893" but the dress is saying otherwise. Look at that pigeon front! Look at those elbow length sleeves! You don't even start to see the pigeon front until 1897/1898 and elbow sleeves are pretty much a hallmark of the Edwardian era. How to rectify this with the note is...the note. It mentions that the dress was worn for dancing in 1894 - a year after the lady was married. It makes perfect sense that she would continue to wear it for a good 10 years or so after she was married if she could. Just shorten the sleeves, add some material to the front of the bodice and, you are done! The skirt shape didn't change drastically until the end of the Edwardian period. As is, the dress is in the mid Edwardian fashion.

1906 Fashion Plate


  1. I'm also thinking the crotch was also added to the drawers at some point.

    1. Probably. It does look to be of a different fabric.