Sunday, April 17, 2016

Romantic Era (?) Baptism Dress

From the seller:

This fine antique batiste cotton christening gown dates from the early 1830's and is all hand sewn. This gown is open at back with draw strings in top and no other closures. The condition of this piece is very good with no stains, some damage at bottom lace as shown in photo, one small rip as shown in photos again in bottom lace, the material is sturdy, and wearable and has been recently washed and pressed.

Length of this gown is 35''. The circumference around the waist is 18''; the area under the arms bodice circumference around the upper waist is 25". The circumference of the bottom of the gown is approx. 106" and the length from bodice to the bottom is 28-1/2". Length of sleeve is 3" and sleeve opening is 4". This early Christening gown would be an impressive addition to any collection or a family heirloom for generations to come.

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From Me:

This style was popular for a very, very long time in the 19th century. You still see the style sleeve and neckline shown here well into the 1860's. However, this one probably is from the 1830's based on the trim.

1830's "Strawberry Girl"

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