Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bustle Era Outfit

From the seller:

Take a step back in history with this rare exquisite Victorian modish gown from the 1870's.

The bustle look gained favor by 1873 at which time a woman wearing this gown had her hair simply pulled back into a snood, accompanied with elaborate fans and parasols to complete the look.

Full blown short waisted bouffant was the style with draped over skirts embellished with endless trimmings of bows, buttons, ribbons, pleats, and fringe.

The armored effect of the late 1870's Basque bodice (as in this piece) is boned, long waisted, and extremely form fitting.

This item is aged and is expected to have some deterioration and imperfections. The item has aged well and is in exceptional Victorian condition.

Measurements: Skirt: 12.5" double for waist: Lenght 40":

Top: Shoulder to Shoulder 13.5" : In seam (arm) 18.5": Outside of sleeve 21.5": Back 18" : Chest Panel 9" Double:


From me:

The bustle was already being worn by 1873 so I'm not sure what the seller was trying to get at. This is, most likely, 1870's.

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