Thursday, May 24, 2012

Late Victorian Corset

From the seller:

What a find! This 1895 Victorian corset was tight lacers daily routine. The mannequin is not thin enough for this tiny waist. I also had to upholster below to show you the enormus difference between hip and waist size, the so called hip spring. The corset is heavily boned in a delightful cream white cotton, having a total of 20 stays.

Top hem is adorned with a beautiful lace with a pink silk ribbon, the fabric a cream brocade lace with small dots and tiny flowers

The corset was manufactured by the American R&G Royal Worchester corset company, one of the major corset manufacturerer at that time.

The condition is good, except of a broken fabric on the left hip, and below the right bossom as you can see on the pictures There is also some stain on the lower hip.

Measurements: 19 inch . waist, front length 14 in. back length 13 in.

From Me:

Although tight lacing was popular in the 1890's, it was regarded as fade diets are now.

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