Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Colorful 1840's Dress

From the seller:

Circa 1840-1850's, a beautiful pattern on this early printed dress...with lovely colors and a sinuous design with undulating lines , flowers and a delicate seaweed forms in the fabric.The design has a TrompeD'oeil effect, a popular theme in fabrics at the time.

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Item Measurements:


Item condition:

In mainly very strong condiiton, but there are areas of damage, mainly on the back part of dress...some stains within lining on bodice..This has a voluminous skirt and so I really think that someone who can repair could make this work out well.Ther eis even more fabric on inner waistline that can be used to repair. In relation to overall strength and unusual pattern..this gown is well worth repairing. The design and pattern is excellent. If buyer wished they can return immediately for refund

From Me:

I just love the print on this dress. The dress is very clearly 1840's with the front pleats on the bodice.


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    1. Isn't is so nice and cheery? The color is fabulous and I want to see if I can recreate this print. Hmm...