Friday, May 25, 2012

Red Mid Victorian Boots

From the seller:

Victorian High Button Boots, Rare Red Color, 1860s.

Here is a real find in very rare red leather, a pair of high button boots from the late Civil War era, the 1860's. The square toes help date them. They have red glass buttons on each side, and leather soles and heels.

This is part of a collection we recently procured from Carey's Shoe Store, a store that was established in 1919 in Charlevoix, Michigan. The family recently decided to let go of the remaining stock of the store, about 150 pairs, most new and in their original boxes. We will be listing them over the next few months.

Marked Size: 2B ( this may not be an actual size, please refer to measurements)

Measured length outside, heel to toe: 9 1/2”; Inside 8", making this about a size 5.

Width across bottom outside: 2 1/2”

Top of boot to top of heel: 6”

Circumference of boot top: 7 1/2”

Heel: 3/4”

CONDITION: leather is very good, supple; soles are worn but not through. Really good for the age!

From Me:

I'm not quite as good with shoes as I am with dresses - my guess is these are a bit later than the seller believes, however.

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