Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stunning Colorful Turn of the Century Dress

From the seller:

Phenomenal 1890's Silk Walking Dress: This dress is so beautiful. The color is a deep rust and it is trimmed in amazing black silk. The bodice has a 26 inch waist, and a 34 bust. The skirt has a waist of 26 inches and the length in front is 42. The over-all condition is excellent with two exceptions. There is some wear to the black silk trim on the bodice and there is a 2.5 inch wear spot right next to the waist band that needs reinforcement. It is totally lined in cotton and the under structure is in good condition. The first layer of trim at the bottom of the skirt is fringe. The neck piece has been relined in silk and a beautiful job was done. The label inside reads Bostic of Boston.

From Me:

I'm not sure why she displayed it over a bustle but this lovely early Edwardian looks museum worthy to me!

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