Saturday, July 27, 2013

1880's Jacket Bodice

From the seller:

This antique Victorian era brown silk damask brocade bustle back pocket bodice jacket dates from the 1880s. It is made of a dark chocolate brown silk damask brocade fabric, with a decorative rococo artistic design pattern and pleated brown silk trim edging. This beautiful bustle bodice jacket traveling coat is a long mid length, has a high band neck collar, fold over lapel, layered front, with hidden button closures, brown bow ribbon trim, long full sleeves with large rolled cuffs, a fitted back with bustle drape, large patch pockets and is fully lined inside. The jacket measures 31 inches long, with 50 inch hips, a 30 inch waist, 34 inch bust, 10 inch back and 23 inch long sleeves. It is in good condition. This is truly a rare and wonderful piece of antique Victoriana wearable art!

From me:

...Is it just me or does it look like a three fingered glove wearing monster is trying to grab the wearer's backside? Poor bling placement, clearly not a new idea.


  1. LOL! Such bad bling! I'd bet the original design was all puffy, and it got ironed flat at some point. It looks like a pair of pockets with gloves attached to me. Gloves for a monster chicken! ;-)

    1. I just have images of a giant chicken trying to grab her backside... This is not good. ;-)