Thursday, July 4, 2013

Again, RED Late 1920's Gown

From the seller:

This fabulous dress is truly a rare and wonderful piece of fashion history! The gorgeous copper-toned, orange silk velvet gracefully drapes the form of the body while the dropped waistline adds a slimming touch to the silhouette which is accentuated by the flare of the netting on the skirt. A brilliant rhinestone buckle adorns the belt, adding a touch of sparkle to the simple and classic elegance of this vintage 1920's era gown.

The dress is in GOOD condition. The netting at the bottom has some tattered ends. There is some wear under the armpits, 2 small stains on the right side in the chest area and 5 small stains on the left side near the armpit (see pictures). Some staining at left hip. These are not very noticeable. Belt is missing 2 rhinestones. Small near waist in front. Considering the age of this dress, this is still amazing condition!... other than those areas the fabric has been wonderfully preserved! This dress is ready for you to wear on a fabulous night out on the town!

The measurements are as follows: length :54"

Bust: 38"

Waist: 36"

From me:

The waistline and overall styling suggest a late 1920's/early 1930' date for this one.

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