Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1890's White Cotton and Lace Dress

From the seller:

A charming 1880’s white batiste cotton and eyelet summer seaside dress. The dress is being displayed over a bustle cage that is not included. The bodice and skirt are trimmed with bands of eyelet. The front of the bodice has a flared open section with a pin tucked button front. The front panel of the skirt has rows of pin tucking. The bodice is unlined and the skirt is lined with an attached petticoat. The dress is in crisp and clean condition. There is no underarm discoloration and no age spotting. The back center peplum has a raw center edge. It probably has eyelet trim. There is an extra piece of trim that came with the dress and was probably used in this area. It will be included. A very pretty display dress. Bust 32 Waist 24 Skirt length 41.

From Me:

Dear Seller,

I thought you were cool. You lose 50 cool points for saying this is an 1880's bustle dress.

No love,

The fact that the skirt looks higher in the back than in the front with the bustle should have been one big clue as to the date of this dress...if you could even see the dress beyond the sleeves of doom! The leg-o-mutton sleeve was a huge feature in the 1890's. Most of us probably remember Anne of Green Gables and her longing for a dress with puffed sleeves - sort of like this. It was the fashionable thing to wear in the 1890's.

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