Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turn of the Century Black and White Bodice

From the seller:

From a local estate I have a ladies Blouse Shirt Jacket * It is all hand made * button detail down the back with hook and eye closure (hook and eyes are stiff and have lost their finish) * It is long sleeve and has a golden and black decorator fabric to the forearms and the top decolete' of the bodice. * there is some damage that needs repair on one sleeve and a loose string from the decorator fabric on the other (see pics) * there is some discoloration to the velvet trim detail at the neck (also pictured) * the waist is 24 inchess and the bust is 28-29 inches * there is a small hole under one of the arms in the fabric * the main fabric is an organdy with a brocade type design in it * it is 16-17 inches in length from top of shoulder to the waist which is graduated in a conical shape - it comes to a point in the center. It is beautifully made * a little history - this lady was going on 94 when she passed and the 2 vintage items i am selling were her personal things that she had saved. * They are circa 1900's * she was a caterer and held weddings in her back yard for friends and family of the congregation of the church.

From Me:

The big bulbous sleeves being down below the elbow but with those amazing cuffs suggest an early Edwardian date - probably 1903 ish.

Fashion plate from 1903. The green blouse at the bottom has a similar shaped sleeve.

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