Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Turn of the Century Shirtwaist/Blouse/Bodice

From the seller:

A beautiful late 1970's - 1880's black and gold Victorian blouse. Blouse outer is a light cotton/silk material, fitted waist with a asymmetrical hook-and-eye front, black pleated silk bib, fitted sleeves. Fully lined in a floral print cotton, bone support. This looks like it might have been worn by a teen: it's looks too big for a child but too small for a woman's.

For it's age, it's in good shape. As you can see there's some wear {I guess that's what you'd call it} to the tops of the shoulder, cuffs and the backs of the arms. The material is not week, I just think it's the natural wear of this top. No tears. Top has not been cleaned, but in solid shape for it's age. Sold as is with no returns.

Size: XXS-XS
Label: None

Bust 28-30?
Waist 22
Length 16
Shoulder 11-12?

From Me

This is so hideous I sort of like it. This isn't bustle era - the pigeon front attests to that- but it is either very late 1890's or early 1900's. I'm putting it in the 1900's only because of the odd bib thing going on.

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