Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Late 1920's (Poss early 30's) Black and Tan Dress

From the seller:

Vintage Bloused Black Gatsby Dress Rhinestone Brooch Drop-Waist Pleats Boxy

Vintage. 1920s?

Women's dress.

Shiny, lightweight fabric. Silk?

Loose, boxy cut - not fitted.

"Tuxedo bib"-type inset shirt / dickey. Peach in color. This part of the garment is disintegrating are barely hanging on. Five decorative buttons down the center.

Four 6" vertical pleats at each front shoulder.

Three tucks at the interior elbow bend.

There are tears at the outer elbows. In some places the tears have been repaired with interior patches. In other places, the tears are unrepaired.

One tuck at the wrist with 3 snaps for closure.

Slight blousing at the drop-waist.

Rhinestone star / flower embellishment on the left hip. The piece is missing 1 stone. This is not a pin or brooch, it is attached with a fabric loop.

The skirt part of the dress is straight, with a pleated, rounded-edge overskirt.

The skirt portion has a 4" hem, with tears at the 2 gore seams.

Back of dress is lined.

There are various tears, stains, holes, disintegration, etc. throughout the piece.

This comes from the estate of a woman who worked as a Clothing Restorer for various museums throughout the Midwest. As such, she may have made repairs and / or additions to the garment which I am unaware of.

Approximate measurements:
Across the drop waist, laying flat = 20"
Top of shoulder down to top of drop-waist = 22"
Armpit to armpit = 19"
So, bust = 38"

From Me:

Late 1920's - maybe 1927 or later.

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