Thursday, July 4, 2013

And BLUE! Simple Blouse and Skirt set from the Edwardian Era

From the seller:

This auction is for a hard to find antique farm frock 2 piece Indigo blue Victorian dress. High double button striped cotton blouse, peplum tie front waist band with green glass set in black celluloid back, buttons. Skirt has early hook & eye closure in back. Finely pleated top with lower skirt flaring. These were found together, most likely worn as a set despite the lighter shades of the blouse. This I believe is due to overall gentle fading of the top as it is a different weight cotton than the heavier dress skirt. Looks lovely paired together with a definite primitive homesteader look. I would say this was worn by a small frame woman. Wonderful condition for it's early age with the following flaws noted:

Blouse has tear on back elbow and a seam seperation of the other back elbow seam. Two small worn holes noted just below a button. These could use some neatly placed darned stitches to mend and are now hidden by the buttonhole blouse side...will not be seen. Other dark spots noted in the photo are simply water spots from my clothing steamer and have since dried. No stains noted. The skirt is in lovely condition. Both skirt sides will need to be restitched into the waistband...looks like they were just starting to rework the skirt. Some white baist stitched are found about the lower skirt...just simply need removing. I would suggest laundering as they do have age and have been stored for many years. This harder to find 2 piece late 1800's , early 1900's Victorian blouse and skirt are must see primitive antique clothing pieces for serious collectors. Will display beautifully on a dress form or mannequin.

From Me:

This is actually from the 1900's and Edwardian. It's a nice, simple outfit that is perfectly sensible for working in. I swear, I've seen some of the ladies at work wear a very similar outfit but with the skirt only coming to the knees.

How is this for Red, White, & Blue? :-)


  1. Hurray for red, white, and blue! Thanks for the Fourth of July treat!

  2. How interesting, a drawstring pouter shirtwaist. I've made one but it only gathered into a waistband-type bottom.
    Why is it AFTER the 4th I suddenly want to make a R/W/B dress? I blame people like you for showing all the pretty things. :)

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