Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Folk Costume Chemise

From the seller and here as well:

Late Georgian to Early Victorian chemise circa 1820 through 1830. Heavy unbleached linen with hand embroidered scalloped edges. Scoop neckline with interior drawstring. Embroidered monogram of "FL" at center front neckline. Garment is entirely hand-stitched. The tiny dark stitches that were used to lay out the embroidery patterns are still visible. Unlined. No closures.

CONDITION: Excellent with some small marks (maybe ink?) on front. This garment has not been cleaned, and spots may come out from laundering. Further photographs available upon request.
MATERIAL: Unbleached Linen
COLOR: Off-White
MEASUREMENTS: Please compare the measurements listed below to a garment that fits you well. These measurements were taken with the garment lying flat, and when appropriate, doubled to calculate the circumference.

Bust: 46"

Center Front Panel Width: 19"

Across Shoulders: 17"

Sleeve Length: 5"

Length from Shoulder Seam to Hem: 40"

From Me:

This isn't 1820's but more likely 1920's. Look at that machine stitching! Provencal or folk costumes were worn in Europe - and even to a degree here in the United States- well into the 20th Century. The chemise for a folk costume didn't change until really the mid 20th C. It does follow the same lines as the Regency chemise/shift/smock/insert favorite word here for glorified undershirt but it has machine stitching so...no.

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