Friday, July 26, 2013

For the 1400th post, stripes! 1830's style

From the seller:

This beautiful ca 1820-30's gown is made from a woven stripe in a dull gold tone silk. THe bodice is lined in glaxed silk and is bones in the seams, the dress is all hand stitched. It hooks down the back, the side back, bottom edge of the bodice and center back seams have a double row of tiny piping. It sits low on the shoulder and looks like it will hit a little above natural waistline. the skirt is pleated to the bodice with 1/2 inch pleats, the center back the skirt is very tightly gathered/pleated. The sleeves are tight around the upper arms, there's narrow piping, ruching and it has overlong and full sleeves shirred around the top edge and gathered to cuffs. The neckline is trimmed with a band of tight pleats and 2 narrow covered cords loosely twisted together. The bottom is trimmed with 2 ruffles cut on the diagonal and the hem is faced with glazed cotton. Underarms have very small underarm stains, a few scattered pin to pin head size holes in the skirt, both shoulders have a little damage to the band that goes to the waist, the center back fold where the eyes are has a little fraying, and there are splits below the waist on the folded edges of the pleats. The splits extend down up to about 3-4 inches on some folds and the seam is opened at the waist for about 2 inches. It measures 30 inches around the bust, waist is 23 and is 51 1/2 inches long. Overall, I think it's in great condition for the age of this lovely, early dress. De-accessioned from a musuem, inventory tag in neckline.

From Me:

This is very 1830's - the funky sleeves and the bodice are indicative of that era.


  1. Jaw drop! I really want to make this dress!!!

    Hmm. Is there a market for 1830s dress patterns? I'd better do some research before I commit. :'-(