Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Cute Early Edwardian Morning Coat

From the seller:

Not really much can be added , the pictures say it all.

This is a spectacular rich ,opulent edwardian wool coat with

an unbelievable amount of lace appliques.

The coat has a A-line cut, huge full cut bishops sleeves

and a large collar.

The collar is covered in wonderful lace and is edged in

very, very fine pleated chiffon.

The coat is lined in rich creamy silk satin, edged with

silver braided trim, both front edge and cuffs.

On inside front lining there is more lace and this

lace has been filled with pink tiny cotton tuffs

giving it a three dimensional look.

This auction is for the COAT only.

This is a true piece of fashion history,Should really be in a fashion

Label/Designer : None it looks like there used to be a label
Size: S-M ... See measurements
Bust : 44"
Waist: Open"
Hips : Open"
Length: 43"
Sleeves : 23"

Arm pit opening : 8"
Material : Wool

Lined ; Yes with rich satin material
Colors : Ivory
Condition : Good to Great,incredible condition for its age

a few tiny,bites holes and the coat has several smudges

It needs cleaning by a specialist.

Inside sleeve lining needs to be replaced. One split

on the lining by the seam in the back

All the lace is in excellent condition.

From Me:

The major difference between this one and the one I posted a few minutes prior? About $2,500. Yes, this one is in much better condition and OMG look at that lace on the inside but that's really about it. Same time period, same styling.

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