Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh my! Lattice and Lace Blouse/Bodice

From the seller:

1900 Pigeon Breast Lattice Work Bodice: This ball gown bodice is made of black velvet lattice work that covers the upper bosom, shoulders and neck area. The torso of the bodice is covered in a plaid silk of white, black, and blue. The bodice was made in the early 1900's and is sometimes called a Pigeon Breast style blouse. The bodice must have been very striking with a ladies flesh showing through the lattice work. The plaid silk has begun to shatter. The lace is in fair to good condition. The lining is in good shape. The lattice work is in good shape. The bodice would be great for inspiration, design or collection. The bust is 30 and the waist is 24.

From Me:

If Tim Burton ever directs a movie that takes place in the early Edwardian era, this WILL be in it. I can just see the lady that wore this, her Mama complaining about necklines, so...she developed this little beauty! It has a high neckline, see? ;-)

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