Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gay Ninties Maternity (?) Outfit

From the seller:

1890's Green & Bronze 2 pc. Dress: This dress is made of a wool fabric. the background is a deep forest green and it has a bronze colored figure on it. I am including the lovely lace collar because it was in the box with it. It is not attached. The bust of the dress is 32, the waist is 26 and the skirt length is 40. There are no hooks and eyes on the skirt. The bodice is made in an unusual way. I wonder if it was for maternity. The first pictures have the bodice tucked in, and the last pictures have the bodice hanging free. The under shell of the bodice is cotton and is in good condition. When it is buttoned the the waist is 26 and the bust is 32. If you didn't button the under bodice and just pinned the outer bodice together you would have much more space. The waist band of the skirt is several inches larger than the waist of the under bodice. There are some small holes in the wool of the bodice, most of them get lost in the folds. The general condition of the dress is good. It makes a nice display and is strong enough to wear. The bidding will start at .99. Will quote reserve upon request.

From Me:

It's not supposed to have a bustle under there. See how odd it looks with a pillow shoved up under the skirt? However, I agree that it might have been meant for maternity. The fitted back but loose front suggest it was meant for a growing tummy. ;-)

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