Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

This auction is for a fantastic original silk taffeta walking dress from the 1880s. It's brown silk is accented with stunning panels of plaid silk velvet along with matching cuffs. The dress's silhouette is the epitome of high Victorian glamour with it's skin-tight boned bodice and nipped waist billowing out behind into an extensive shelf bustle. The bodice fastens with many hooks and eyes. There are two panels inside it which hook together to ease strain on the silk. There is also and inside belt which hooks. The skirt fastens in the rear with three buttons to help the bustle sit properly. The Lining is brown polished cotton. in the skirt, there are two drawstring casings intended to help the shirt hold its shape. Though not in perfect condition, this dress is a wonderful addition your collection as a conservation project or study piece. It displays well with care and with a bit of stabilization, will last for years to come!

Condition is fair to good. There is obvious shatter to the silk in the skirt, some discoloration to the silk on the bodice (not terribly distracting), a replaced button on the skirt (not visible when displayed) and the top hook on the bodice is broken. This is easily remedied by fastening a brooch there as I have. (Mine is not included.) The drawstring casings are empty and one of the inner panels of the bodice has a tear. There is an organza backing to some of the silk on the skirt where conservation was begun.

Measurements are: The bust is 30 inches & the waist measure 22 inches. The skirt front length is 38 inches.

From Me:

Everything the seller said. :-)

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