Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lavender and Green Plaid Ante-Bellum dress

From the seller:

1850's Lavender & Taupe Silk Plaid Dress: This lovely dress dates to the late 1850's. Aren't you just amazed by the cartridge pleating that they did. It is made of a lavender and taupe silk plaid. The taupe almost becomes a soft silver in some lights. It has huge bell shaped sleeves. It has splits and deterioration through out and the fabric is brittle with age. There is underarm deterioration. It would be for careful display or design. It has golden silk fringe and there is one inch that will have to be sewn back. It has what I would call a "out of a trunk smell". You can just sense the 150 years of adventure when you smell that smell. Some people are offended by it, but I am not. When I open an old box or trunk and see old fabrics I can't wait to see what treasures await. The lining of the bodice is in good condition, and the lining of the skirt has wear. The bust is 29, the waist is 23, the skirt length is 42 and around the bottom of the skirt is measures 160.

From Me:

I almost want to say "Mardi Gras!!!!!!" but the official colors for Mardi Gras weren't made official until 1872. This dress is clearly from a good 20 years before that. The colors are just so cheery it's hard to believe this wasn't for some sort of fun party.

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