Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wait. This is old?

From the seller:

Up for autions is this incredible women's 1860s plaid silk taffeta corset. The corset is so unsual/rare/wild that it may have belonged to a Courtesan. Overall the corset is in great condition, featuring: pink/green/black plaid silk taffeta fabric with a black silk cage/boning construction, lace trimmed top, cream lining and lace back. The corset is marked a 22 and was photographed on a form that was 32x24x34, with the bust and hips slightly stuffed. The corset is in overall incredible condition for the age with some slight wear on the inside by one of the large front metal stays (as pictured). I did a lot of research determining the age of the corset and went back and fourth a bit, so comments and information are welcomed. Please check out my other auctions for more antique clothing and textiles.


Waist: 22 inches
Length (Front): 13 inches
Length (Side): 9.5 inches

Length (Back): 13 inches

Fabric: Plaid Silk Taffeta

From Me:

Hello new people! I'm up over a hundred followers now! Yay! Thank you!

One of the lovely ladies over on LiveJournal posted this one a few weeks ago. It looks brand new until you look at the detail pictures. I *think* this is actually 1870's but I keep getting distracted by that print!

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