Saturday, August 11, 2012

Very cool 1890's silver top

From the seller:

1890's Insane Silver Silk & Embroidered Bodice: This is simply stunning. The bodice is from the 1890's and was made with leg - a - mutton sleeves in the exaggerated style of the 1820's and 30's. It is made of silver silk with gorgeous embroidery. The bust is 34 and the waist is 27. Inside the bodice is pinned a note that states" Mama's gray silk Basque. (waist) The buttons are cut steel with enameling. The bodice has issues. The lining is in great
condition, but the gray silk on the outside is heavily shattering as you can see from the photos. What a dynamic bodice. It came from an Abilene Texas estate. It’s beautiful just to look at.

From Me:

I really love this one. Elbows of doom! The colors in the details of this bodice are simply breathtaking against the silver.

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