Monday, August 6, 2012

"I'm too young to be a widow!"

From the seller:

1850's -1860's Civil War Era Black Silk Dress: This is a stunning gown made of silk taffeta from the late 1850's to the early 1860's. It could be a mourning dress. There are five tiers of ruffles on the skirt and the bodice has full sleeves trimmed in silk ruffles. It is a one piece dress. The bust is 31, the waist is 23 and the skirt length in front is 42. The bottom of the skirt is 142 inches around. The dress could be used for design or pattern or could display well with a shawl draped artistically to hide the multitude of flaws. There is extensive wear and splitting to the bodice especially on the shoulders. There are some holes in the sleeves as well. The skirt is just beautiful, very full with the rows of ruffles on the bottom but it also has splits and small holes. The back has less damage than the front. The lining also has damage in the bodice as well. I have tried to photograph the worst of the damage. With all of its problems it still is beautiful. The bidding will start at .99 with no reserve. Please check our other vintage pieces on auction.

From Me:

You know that scene right after Scarlett O'Hara's first husband dies? Yeah, so that.

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  1. Hi there! Im hoping to recreate a similar dress to this and I have one photo, these photos are super useful! Is there any way I could ask you some questions about the construction and bodice shape?

    All the best!