Friday, August 24, 2012

Slightly Odd Edwaridan Blouse

From the seller:

Fresh from a Palo Alto Estate - House built in 1902

Cream Sheer lace and silk with embroidery
- Silk fabric with sheer fabric over
- Heavy embroidery on chest collar
- Ruched waist -
- Bra style clasp at back
- Neck Collar has metal zig zaged to keep it up
- Sleeves has 2 Tiers of lace trim at the ends
- Ornate crochet design woven with light green under the sheer fabric with 3 small green and sheer rosettes

There is staining under the arms with rips
Front bottom sheer fabric has come undone from silk ruched waist

16.75" across bust
16.5" length

From Me:

I wanted to include this one for the sleeves. Look at that lace! Yes, the blouse itself is rather plain but the sleeves are pretty darn cute!

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