Saturday, August 11, 2012

Late 1890's Lace Top

From the seller:

Beautiful late 1880's Victorian top. Body of the blouse is a thin, creme stain silk which is fitted, outer is a amazing sheer black lace with a stunning design, asymmetrical hook-and-eye front, the back lace is baggy on the lower half of the top and in the sleeves which give it a balloon effect sleeve. There's this little pink sliky "tie" that also is asymmetrical. Stain pleating at the waist, inside is lined in a thin cotton.

For it's age, this is in pretty good shape. There are some breaks in the lace here and there, under the arms the lace needs to be fixed {see pics} a small tear in the lace in the back and a little bit near the cuffs. The inside liner has some stains. It will need some TLC but it's solid.

Size: Small-sih
Label: None

Bust 34
Waist 27-28
Length 16
Shoulder 14.5

From Me:

This is a very cute example of a late 1890's blouse/shirtwaist/whatever you like to call it. Notice the "puffed" upper arms which, almost automatically, make it 1890's. Also, the pigeon front -which is more noticeable at the waist- means late 1890's/early 1900's. A very cute turn of the century blouse!

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