Sunday, August 12, 2012

Simple Linen Edwardian Dress

From the seller:

Antique Edwardian day dress in great condition, M

This amazing dress came from an antique clothing store in Soho, Manhattan.
Gorgeous inside and out, this dress has a slender flattering silhouette and charming Edwardian personality. An easy and flattering piece, if your measurements are right, it may become your favorite dress this summer!

Cool and pleasant against the skin, this dress is great for a summer day or evening out.
The fabric is fresh and a bit grainy to the touch.

100% authentic Edwardian antique, you can imagine it in Downton Abby!
Ecru colored with violet/ecru printed trim.
Six decorative buttons in front.
Three working buttons on the back.
Two small pockets in front.
Slit on the skirt back.
Elbow length sleeves.

Condition :

It had a set of hooks on the back (below three buttons), impossible to fasten without another person (maid's) assistance. I asked my seamstress to remove the hooks and insert a hidden zipper (without cutting the material). The new zipper is hidden deep in the fold below the buttons on the back (see photo #19).

Flat measurements:

Length - 48”
Underarm to underarm in front - 19” (+ more room in vertical pleats)
Waist - 30”
Yips −44
Sleeves - 14”

From Me:

I'm beyond floored that anyone would dare to take apart a dress that they have no intention of keeping to put a zipper in. Seriously? What the heck is the seller thinking?!? And I've certainly put a dress with three high hooks or buttons on by myself - it's not impossible at all.

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