Thursday, February 5, 2015

1890's Paisley Print Wrapper Dress

From the seller:

C1890 Victorian day dress made with very beautiful red paisley print calico fabric

The fabric is probably cotton, but it may also have some wool content.

It measures 54" long in back, 49" long in front, with a 32" bust. The waist is not a constant due to the style. It also could have served for a maternity dress.

The bodice has an inner liner which buttons, and the lower part of the skirt is lined with polished cotton.

The back ties with a silk ribbon.

Condition, while certainly used is very good. No holes or stains that I can see, no underarm damage, clean and odor free. There was lace around the neck edge which is a little worn.

From Me:
Mid 1890's. LOVE the print!


  1. What an eye-popping print! It might have been too bright for the 1960s. LOL!

    1. Isn't it neat? You would never be unnoticed in this wrapper.

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