Friday, February 27, 2015

Childern's Dresses from the Natural Form Era

From the seller:

Being offered are two 1890-1900 girls dresses. The first dress is made of light blue and tan plaid cotton fabric. There is no discoloration on the fabric just shadows created by the camera flash. The collar and sleeve cuffs are trimmed with lace. The dress is unlined and has a front button closure. The front closure is trimmed with two rows of decorative buttons. The dress is in very good condition. There are no holes. There is a small break in the lace trim on the collar. Shoulders 11 Bust 26 Loose fitting wait 28 Sleeve length 13 Length from shoulder to hem 29. The second dress is made of tan linen and trimmed with bands of darker brown cotton. The armscyes are trimmed with dark brown piping. The dress has two front pockets and a tie belt. It is unlined and has a front button closure. There are a few tiny holes in the fabric and one small pea size hole in the collar. There is discoloration on one sleeve and on the lower edge of the hemline. This can be seen in the photos. Shoulders 12 ½ Bust 25 Loose fitting waist 26 Sleeve length 13 Length from shoulder to hem 25.

From Me:

The above is a fashion plate from 1881. The elongated waist and the double row of buttons - as well as the big bow on the bum- are all signs these dresses are at least a good ten years older than the seller believes.  I'm not entirely sure these are for a little girl either - boys wore dresses for a very practical reason until they were potty trained. 

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