Friday, February 6, 2015

Late Regency Era Outfit/Sleeveless Spencer!

From the seller:

A very rare 1820’s two piece beige silk and wool blend riding habit dress. It has been de-accessioned from a museum collection. The cataloging tag is stitched inside the jacket. Both garments are all hand stitched. The riding habit consists of a sleeveless Spencer jacket and high empire waist skirt. The Spencer has a wide circle collar and a drawstring waist. It is lined with cotton. The skirt has a wide waist band that has a hand stitched button hole. The skirt is fully lined with cotton. The riding habit is in very good condition. There are a few scattered pea size age spots mostly to the back of the collar and 1 small period mend on the skirt waist band. Antique clothing is for display and should not be worn. Bust 34 Adjustable waist 30 Skirt length 39.

From Me:

late 1810's. Here's another sleeveless spencer at the Met from the same era.


  1. With the pleating all around the skirt, this looks more 1790s to me... And you see bodices with bits under the waist in fashion plates from that era as well.

    1. It's from about 1815:

      Notice that the neckline is high - which is an indication of the later date. Also, the collar is rather large. In the 1790's, the neckline would have been much lower - to allow some of the underdress or fichu to show. The collar most likely wouldn't have even existed or it would have been much smaller and only as an accent. I believe the MET is down right now but the fashion plate I posted originally is also from the 1810's.

  2. Although now that I look more at the bodice, I agree that it looks later - is it bias-cut on the front?

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