Monday, February 23, 2015

Teens Era Dark Colored Dress

From the seller:

Lovely antique Victorian handmade dress of exceptional and unique design. Main body composed of a black silk taffeta. Sheer chiffon insert at chest is adorned with lovely floral silk embroidery. Collar is lined in an exceptional handmade white floral lace. Cuffs are embroidered in an electric blue silk thread with an unusual geometric pattern. Cuffs are finished in ruffled tufts of purple and cream silk chiffon. Below the waist on both sides and on both the back and front the dress is embroidered with the same blue silk thread in unique geometric patterns. These embroidered panels lift up from the main underskirt of the dress for additional movement. Metal buttons secure the panel at the waist on the left side.

This dress is very old, and is in need of some repair. Interior lining is very torn and shredded. Sleeves are almost severed from the garment. Large tear along the skirt on the left. Chiffon panel insert at chest is torn and is very delicate. With some care and skill, should be beautiful once repaired.

Approximate measurements:

Shoulder to shoulder: 16.5"

Bust: 36"

Waist: 32"

Sleeve length: 17"

Length: 56"

From Me:
The upper right middle and the upper left middle both have elements similar to this dress. The upper left has a very similar bodice and the upper right has a similar skirt - the embroidery on the extant is in the same place.

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