Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lilypad Hat

From the seller:

A gorgeous, 1860s to early 1870s, hat of vivid (almost citrus like) olive green velveteen (most likely silk) with a very peaked front & a tiny, sculpted crown, trimmed with bold, hot pink flocked velvet roses over a "ribbon" of deep mossy forest green velvet ending in a bow & flirty kissing streamers at the nape. The entire brim edge is trimmed with a fine, pale cream fishnet~like lace accented with a dangling double layer of clear glass seed beads & glass faux pearls fringe. The underside is covered in the same deep forest green & has a polished cotton or silk lining cinched at the center. It reminds me of Selma Quickly's costumes from the movie "Nanny McFee"!

There is no label.

It's open fit, meant to perch on an updo, the brim measures 7 1/2" by 8 1/2" & the kissing streamers are 15" long (my model has a head size of 22", please check your own measurements with a fabric measuring tape to ensure proper fit).

It's in very good condition (refer to "vintage condition" chart below). Could use a bit of reshaping from storage, some minor surface scuffs on the outside velvet, a shallow moth-bite on top near edge (very hard to see), nap worn off outer edges, might be missing a few roses, darker velvet areas have lightened age spots, a few area of beaded fringe are missing (about 2" of one layer on one side & about 3" of both layers on the other (could be restored with the right looking beads & a bit of beading patience), lining just has a few age spots. All issues age appropriate. Remember, even the Mona Lisa has cracks~

From Me:

Okay, so here is the fashion plate the seller provided:

And I get what s/he's seeing. However, to me, the minimalist style (for the late 1860's/early 1870's, this has very little decoration), the thin ribbons, and that tiny crown seem much later. Like this:

See the red hat on the upper right? Tiny crown, not round shape, minimal decoration...

A straw version from 1939:

So, for this hat, I'm going with the 1930's. And really want a pink suit with a green and white polka dot scarf to go with it. ;-)


  1. I have to agree with you, this does not say "Victorian" to me.

    1. It's much more the whimsical hats for the 1930's and 1940's.