Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1920's Dress and a Teen's Era Slip

From the seller:

This auction is for an original Lady's silk brocade dinner dress from the 1920s. It is a gorgeous pattern of florals on a striped ground in orange and a kind of periwinkle color. It looks like a gold lame, but isn't. It slips on and fastens by two snaps on the shoulders- an interesting manner. It has a dropped waist and the skirt is decorated with two gathered panels on the sides. The sleeves a delicious rich orange silk lace in a great Art Deco rose pattern. It comes with a cotton slip from the middle teens or early 20's It's a great shape, very unusual and from the narrow straps very likely meant to have been worn under evening dress despite it's lowly cotton fabric.

Condition: Very Good with a few nibbles to the lace and one repair on the right sleeve. There is some wear to the surface of the periwinkle silk at the sides. This may look like underarm discoloration, but really isn't at all. In fact, the brocade is in great shape. The slip could use a wash. It has some small holes and discoloration.

Measurements are: AS IT IS DISPLAYED HERE: The bust is 40 inches & the waist measures 40 inches. The length of the dress is 41 inches from the front shoulder.

From Me:

I love the idea of taking an old dress, adding lace sleeves to it and a bit of lace around the collar. My guess is this was originally an early 1920's dress that was redone in the late 1920's or even early 1930's. The slip is very much a product of about ten years earlier than the dress.

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