Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cutest 1920's Nightie!

From the seller:

21" bust, measured flat for a total of 42" circumference at bottom of armholes, length is 54" - approximately. There are a total of fourteen ribbon roses, seven clusters of two. Beautiful satin "Saks Fifth Avenue, N.Y." label sewn into the neckline. This is a gorgeous nightgown. The new owner will be very pleased with the beautiful details of this antique nightgown.

This lovely original 1920s silk nightgown is being auctioned "as is", I do not accept returns. Please request additional photos or information if needed to make a proper decision prior to placing your bid. Be sure to check the measurements against a garment that fits you well. You must be smaller than the above measurements to ensure a proper fit. Thank you!

From Me:

All I can think about is those pockets. They must have had rolled up handkerchiefs in them at some point. This would be delightful in the summer, when the a/c has gone out, and you are sick....because it has pockets!!!!

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