Monday, October 28, 2013

Lavender Edwardian Dress

From the seller:




Lavender silky fabric & creamy white lace work

I must say that this dress is something !

The elaborate hand stitched embroidery needle work done in a soft grey pearl cotton is really quite stunning--

I believe the fabric is silk...but I am not totally sure-it is a bit heavier than the silk I know

Everything about this dress is well made and beautiful

It does come with a couple of flaws that I have tried to capture-

The two little pin size holes near the waist on the back of the dress

The hole at the bottom right side of the "over dress" area of the front of the dress

Also the two large tassels by the waist...I just placed them there...It appears to have been a belt--there are remnants of a belt on the ends that matched the dress fabric

The sleeves are embellished with hand stitching on the front the backside of the sleeves are heavily pleated and made out of a lavender mesh fabric--they are also darted in the elbow area...3 hook & eye closures at the wrist on each sleeve

The back side of the dress also has an over dress "so to speak" edged with a row of tiny lavender balls

The center back of the dress sports matching hand stitched design on an attached "sash" long piece of fabric with the ends of long rich brown in color tassels.

The front & back bodice of the dress has a "V" lace insert that matches the front side design Closures for the dress are hook and eye & snaps

dress is open & closed from the left side

The bodice is darted from front to back & is lined with a creamy white silky fabric that has hook & eye closures

Bodice also has sewn in "stays" or is boned

Very Wide Hand stitched lapels with matching design

There is an attached Under slip that is a lavender silky fabric with pleated bottom and this has deteriorated in places (shown)

The entire dress appears to be HAND SEWN !

Approximate measurements


Waist--15" (one way across)

Bust--18" (one way across)


From Me:

Probably about 1908 or so...

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