Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lovely 1920's Black and Red Dress

From the seller:

Edwardian Black Silk Dress w Claret Silk Trim / Lace MED

This elegant Edwardian dress is made from black silk bengaline, which is ribbed like a faille. It has a side opening with a yellow cotton underbodice. It has claret colored silk bands with black lace over it and covered buttons with the claret silk around the edge, the buttonholes are faux made with embroidery thread. The buttons continue down the side front of the skirt. The sleeves are trimmed with a cuff of the lace and claret silk and a tab coming cover and an embroidered buttonhole and button. One underarm has 2 frayed tears, one about 1/2 inch and the other is about 1 1/4 inch. It measures 39 inches around the bust, waist is 35, hips are 48, across the back shoulder is 14 inches and it's 48 inches long. Excellent vintage condition, it was de-accessioned from a museum and has the inventory tags attached.
Thank you for looking at my auctions.

From Me:

Seriously, do I even have to say why this is so clearly not Edwardian? I love the dress though, very styling for the 1920's.

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