Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1840's Evening Bodice

From the seller:

This is an 1860's bodice. In a celery brocade, it's trimmed with blue satin, along with blue, tan, and brown fringed edging. There is a corset style lacing arrangement in back, this is it's only fastener. There is a separate, matching brocade panel that lines and protects the lacing inside. It's lined with brown cotton,

Only flaw I see is that the lining is deteriorating, must've been something in the brown dye. The brocade and fringe is in excellent shape.

From a group of clothing belonging to the Tyler-Brown family.

I will be listing several other items belonging to this family, including an id'd Civil War bridesmaid's outfit, over the next couple of days.

From Me:

This one looks like it was originally made in the 1840's but redone later on (maybe the 1860's). The shoulders are very much in keeping with the 1840's. This type of brocade was really popular in the 1840's as well.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

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