Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Edwardian Evening Bodice

From Karen:
I have attached photos of a bodice I believe to be Victorian. It has white lace all around the neckline. The lace looks like little cartwheels. The bodice hooks up asymmetrically along one side of the front. Within there is another system of hooks and eyes and then a third set centre front along boned channels. These hooks and eyes are attached so that they are opposite all the way down (a hook and and eye, then an eye and a hook). There are twenty-one bones inside the bodice. There is lace attached chevron-style all around and lace on the sleeves. The back is very slightly pointed but the front has a more pronounced point. It measures 17 inches across the bust (flat) and 12.5 inches centre front.
Some of the silk has started to shatter.

From Me:

It's most likely an Edwardian evening bodice. The hook and eye closure with the false front like this is very typical in Edwardian fashions. The use of trim is also very typical for the Turn of the Century. The v-neck in the back also points to this being Edwardian.

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