Saturday, March 28, 2015

Late 18th Century/Early 19th Century Men's Fringed Silk Waistcoat

From the seller:

Circa late 1700-early 1800, a man's cream silk waistcoat with embroidery. Colors and embroidery are very nice with fine floral and leaf sprays.

Item Measurements:

22" down the front..10 1/2" across front silk panel on each side.

Item condition:

In mainly good strong condition,but there are scattered breaks in the silk,buttons have some silk but embroidery has wear.All items we list need to be cleaned.

From Me:

My guess is late 1790's based on the cut and the embroidery detail (Scarlet Pimpernel anyone?).

An earlier style waistcoat with fringed silk

Another earlier styled fringed silk waistcoat

Overall, the fringed silk is pretty rare. I'm surprised to see this one up on ebay.

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