Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Early 1820's Stripy Dress

From the seller:

Wonderful early 19th century striped silk brocade dress. The fabric is out of this world, with a raised stripe almost resembling embroidery. It's in shades of green, a light coppery pink, and gold, the gold so dazzling it might be mistaken for a metallic. Entirely hand sewn, the bodice is lined with polished cotton or a very lightweight linen. The slightly gathered sleeve typical of the late Empire, early Romantic era. No closures, there are 3 small areas of wear at the back opening that could have been left by pins or other fasteners. There is some evidence of hooks and eyes once attached to the lining.

The moderately high waistline is accented by a wide, piped waistband. There is a 2 1/2" hem.

In good to very good antique condition. There is some mild discoloration to the front bodice, color loss at the underarms. The center seam, which has come unsewn about halfway down, might not be original to the dress. This could be an indication that it was in the process of being made into a nursing dress. There are 3 brownish spots to the back towards the hem, one is about 1" x 1/2", the others are smaller, there are also two light, quarter-sized moisture type spots here. There is one 1 1/2" place that is starting to split at an elbow., another light moisture spot here as well. The lining has some discoloration. There might be a few other light spots scattered around.

From Me:

1822-ish or so. I'm just happy to see the insides!

A fashion plate from the early 1820's

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