Sunday, March 8, 2015

Later 1850's/early 1860's Day and Evening Outfit

From the seller:

Out of several trunks came some wonderful colorful, imaginative, high styled & mostly French gowns and accessories from 1840 thru 1930s that I will be listing in the next few weeks stay tuned!

Fetchin coral silk three piece ball gown outfit dating to the 1860s. Ball gown lace up bodice with matching basque, full trained skirt. Trimmed in lace and net. Bodice has lacing that are not original, lined in cotton, all original basque bodice with padded chest and lace. Waist band on the skirt has losses to the cartridge pleating and some few breaks to the silk, the lace trimmings have come unattached in places some spot staining here and there but overall pretty good. Chest approx. 34" waist approx. 24". Write for additional measurements!

From me:

This is truly lovely. Based on the extreme pointed waistline of both bodices, it follows the late 1850's fashions. The bodice in the 1858 fashion plate below is very similar to the extant evening bodice here.

The day bodice looks to have been modified to better fit the styles a few years later - in the midst of the American Civil War.

The lady in the pink dress has the lower neckline with the button front - similar to the day bodice above.  However, the extant bodice is much more pointed than fashionable at this point (1862). 

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