Monday, March 2, 2015

Late 1890's Bodice

From the seller:

Offered for sale is a Wonderful Vintage Ladies' Silk Jacket, Authentic c1880-1900

This vintage jacket is a fabulous example of period clothing. The waist is tightly cinched, and the ballooning sleeves are finished with a delightful ruffle. The deep mahogany brown silk fabric is accented with a black checkered coordinating fabric. The front button closure features tiny black jet buttons. This is a fabulously stylish garment of the Victorian Era. The stitching detail is wonderful. The silk is deteriorated in several places, depicted in the photos. This item would be a wonderful display or museum piece.

The approximate measurements are:
Jacket Shoulder to Shoulder : 12"
Approximate length of Jacket: 21"
Approximate Waist: 24"

The use of various fabrics is very interesting in this set. The overall detail is fantastic. The condition is good for the vintage with expected wear to fabric. The photographs depict this.

From Me:

Although this is a poor display, I'm pretty sure this is from about 1898. The sleeves aren't that big and the tiny skirt around the edge of the bodice was a stylish option then.

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