Thursday, March 12, 2015

Late Victorian Capelet or Mantle

From Karen!

I have enclosed pics of a Victorian mantle (I'm guessing about 1895ish) I have had for many years. I couldn't get a clear picture of the label but it is from T. Eaton & Co. It is a black silk mantle with lace and beading, seamed shoulders and a pleated back and lined in cotton. The lace is very delicate and is underlined with fine net. The front closes with five finger-shaped hooks. Forgot to get a picture of the hooks and the inside (and I'm at work now so can't take one just now). The front is decorated with heavy silk bows and streamers. The beading is in lozenge shapes all around the mantle above the lace and applied ruching. It is in fairly good condition but the lace does have tears here and there. That is really the only condition issue other than fading of the black silk bows.

From Me:

First, thank you so much Karen for sharing pictures of pieces from your collection! This is quite lovely. My guess is 1890's as well. You can see a similar short cape on the last fashion plate of the linked page. The high neck, the use of lace and beading - very in keeping with the Belle Epoque.

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