Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Black Shirtwaist

From Karen:

I have attached photos of a black silk blouse, Edwardian? It has a cotton placket with three buttons and two hooks and eyes hidden under a false button front. The button front is unusually shaped and has nine buttons in groups of three. There is tiny pintucking down the front of the blouse, from the yoke. There are three rows of pintucking on either side of the button front. The collar is printed with a blue and grey diamond pattern. There are four rows of pintucking on the sleeves and at the back of the blouse there is also four rows of pintucking. There is a small peplum at the back and it, too, is pintucked. There are four rows of stitching all along the bottom of the blouse, from 2.5 to 5 inches from the bottom, indicating some trim was removed or some pintucks removed to lengthen. The bust is 21 inches, measured flat; the length from shoulder to hem is about 20 inches. There is a label stitched to the cotton placket at the lower edge of the blouse, National Cloak & Suit Co. New York (Gold print). This was once a beautiful suit blouse. The shoulders are shattered.

From Me:

My guess is about 1915 given the collar and the button placement. It might be a bit earlier, but it's a Teen's Era garment. I love seeing one that is not white! Although they were sold in multiple colors, most of the extant ones seem to be white.

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