Thursday, May 21, 2015

1740's Caraco Jacket

From the seller:

Circa 19THC. floral silk brocade bodice..possibly remade and lined at a later date.The design on the silk is quite beautiful.

Item Measurements:

Apprx. 24" from shoulder

apprx. 8" across armhole

19" across chest.15-16" across waistline

Item condition:
In very good strong condition,One tiny minute spot is all I see..All items we list need to be cleaned.

From Me:

This was clearly in the midsts of being remade when someone gave up. There is enough details left though to show this was originally from about the 1740's. Here's another jacket with similar sleeves. And another over at Mara Riley's site. And, of course, the Snowshill Manor one (made famous by Janet Arnold).


  1. I adore that colour and that fabric...such a beautiful piece!

    1. I do too. I'm not sure why the seller thought it was 19th Century...

  2. This fabric is incredible! So well preserved too.

    1. Probably got stuck at the bottom of someone's hope chest. ;-)