Friday, May 22, 2015

1930's Crochet Dress

From the seller:

48 HOUR SALE!!$100 OFF REGULAR PRICE $500 Collectors Dream Very Rare Deco Knitted Dress so Myrna Loy and not unlike the many Deco dresses seen in early 1930's films world by Barbara Stanwyck or Joan Crawford.I have only seen 1 other like this in 15 years and it was not exact.

A pale luscious light yellow mixed with seductive mint green.Matching belt that closes in front, slips over head with innovative and impeccable snaps on the side going up to neck.The architecture in the design, the high caliber quality as well as the ornate details are some of the finest examples of why many vintage creations not only stand the test of time but their inspiration is timeless.

Measurement whilst taken flat :
there is no stretch
17” across dolman underarm sleeves
13-14” across waist
16 ½”-18” across hips
44” total length

From Me:

So crochet dresses were a thing in the 1930's...

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