Thursday, May 14, 2015

Corset cover and Bicycle Trousers

From the seller:

Here is an antique pair of pedal pusher pantaloons with abalone shell buttons up the side. There is also a small pocket at the waist. There are some rusty like spots on the backside near the waist.the material is a tiny ribbed cotton.
Includes lacy white bralette with blue ribbon.

From Me:

Although I think most viewers of this blog will instantly recognize the corset cover for what it is, the bicycle trousers are a slightly different story. Some clues that they are bicycle trousers and not bloomers - the buttons, the pocket, the side button opening, and the lack of a "split" at the crotch. The shape (puffy thighs!) are also a huge hint. Really cool!

For some examples of bicycle trousers in period, check out Margaret Perry's post for a really cool photo from 1900 with ladies wearing trousers. Yesterday's thimble also has a picture up from Punch magazine circe 1895 of a lady wearing bicycle trousers - ones that are very similar in shape to this extant one!

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