Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Edwardian Yellow Summer Dress

From the seller:

Victorian ca 1905 Fine Yellow Cotton Tea Dress w Train / Ruffles w Trained Petticoat XS

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This lovely Victorian dress is made from a fine cotton batiste in pale yellow. The skirt is gored, falls to a train in back and has 5 ruffles around the hem. There's some small pin to pin head holes, a few up to the size of less than an eraser head and a 5/8 inch tear. The blouse is covered with small pleats, it hooks down the back and has long sleeves and is trimmed with ruffles. The ruffles need to be secured in a few places, they're hand sewn on, so it will be easy. It has a small hole on the shoulder and a few very small scattered holes. The blouse measures 36 around the bust, waist is 21 inches, across the back shoulder is 12 and it's 17 inches long from shoulder to bottom of the tuck in band. Skirt is 19 15/16 inches around the waist, hips are 45 and it's 42 inches long. It also has a white light weight cotton petticoat, trimmed with ruffles. There's quite a few holes, but is sill very wearable under the yellow and it has a few light spots. It measures about the same as the skirt. Very wearable.

From Me:

Okay, first, Queen Victoria died in 1901, thereby ending the Victorian Era. Edward, her son, was king until his death in 1910. Therefore, anything between 1901 and 1910 is the Edwardian era, not the Victorian. Adding keywords like this doesn't help to sell your garment - it just makes people who would be looking for a nice Edwardian dress not find it. Not a good thing, seller.

The fashion plate above is from 1902. Although there are some difference, I think most people can see the similarities between the yellow dress in the fashion plate and this extant one. The extant one does have the pigeon front that was oh so popular at the turn of the 20th Century.  Personally, I just like see the stripy bodice with the very not stripy skirt - because even then, they ran out of fabric and just dyed everything the same color to match.  ;-p

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