Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1940's Red Velveteen Dress

From the seller:

This 1940's dress is made from a red cotton velveteen. It buttons from neck to hem with cute silver flower buttons, the edge where the buttonholes are is scalloped. It's shirred on the top of the sleeves, under the bust and below the waist in front, the back is gored and there's a tie belt in the side seams. The condition of the velvet is OK, but it has lots of stains that shows in the photos, so sold as is. It measures 36 3/4 inches around the bust, across the back shoulder is 13 1/2, waist is up to 27 1/4 inches, hips are full and it's 41 1/2 inches long.

From Me:

Sorry there is only one image! Still, I think it's cute enough to post even if it's a slight bit post the normal timeline.  My guess is this is right around that 1941 date.

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