Sunday, July 5, 2015

1850's Dress Reused in the 1870's

From the seller:

Offering a recent auction purchase - please ask questions if the description is lacking - I have little to no experience selling antique clothing
Older friend of the family who attended auction said the box of clothing I purchased was pre-1900
2 pieces: long jacket with tails and short jacket - both of same material - both for a small, petite female
Cotton with repeated floral motif against a black background
Both have machine and lots of hand stitching
Hooks are brass or brass plated
Buttons on the dress are abalone or fresh water shell that have a geometric hand painted design - 14 total
Last button on short jacket is missing
Jacket with tails: 54" long with buttoned 10" across waist front
Short jacket buttons (6 in total) are a hard black material with effervescent accents in a stylized pattern
Both have a heavier weight brownish cloth lining - similar to oil cloth
Cloth has some SMALL age holes as well as a couple tears
The worse areas are seen in last 3 pics but there are many tiny holes with broken threads
With restoration / reweaving skills - could be restored or certainly displayed as is
Pieces could also serve as patterns for anyone recreating antique clothing
This is not a perfect "off the rack" clothing but if you are a lover of antique clothing - it may be a good restoration project
Please review visuals for clarity / understanding............I repeat ask questions if this auction description is lacking
The buttons alone are worth the beginning auction price
The collective cloth will ship for $ 5.50

From Me:

.....It's a bodice and a dress. Not a jacket. And really? Encouraging people to destroy the antique clothing? "Hey, I have this old painting here of some broad. She has this odd smile and wears a green peasant blouse looking thingy. The auction price alone is worth the canvas. You can totally reuse it!"

Yeah, doesn't work with paintings. So why do people think it's a good thing with textile art?

Anyway, the bodice with the pagoda sleeves and pointed waistline is most likely 1850's. I've seen other 1850's (and posted a few of them here!) with the pointed neckline. As was common, someone about 20 years later probably took the skirt to the dress and remade it into the lovely 1870's bustle era dress we see here.

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